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What to Expect On Your First Atlas Chiropractic Care Center Visit


Chiropractic visits can be unnerving when you don’t know what to expect, but you don’t have to worry because your chiropractor only wants you to experience the best that chiropractic has to offer.

On your first visit, your chiropractor might need you to undergo an initial intake and a physical exam. Prepare to be asked about your medical history. In terms of tests, you should expect to be given an orthopedic & neurological exam; and an X-Ray or MRI if necessary. After which, he will be able to prescribe you with the appropriate chiropractic treatment plan.


The doctor will proceed to locate the areas of your back where you might have spinal misalignments. You should make sure to share with him your experiences of having difficulty with everyday tasks so he can make a prudent judgment on your treatment.

Tell your chiropractor about areas on your back where you feel the most discomfort – this will allow him to properly lay out a chiropractic treatment plan specifically for you.

Treatment Plan

Finally, your chiropractor determines the best treatment plan for you based on the severity of your condition, and what is needed to help you achieve the best outcome. He will inform you of the target points in order to address your spinal issues over a specific duration. Chiropractic treatment is not about getting you to instantly feel better, but to heal the right way.

Clearly express what you want out of your treatment, so your doctor can properly advise and recommend the best package for you.

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Why Trust Atlas Chiropractic Clinic?

All Chiropractors From Atlas Are Well Trained

Patients would like to entrust their well-being to chiropractors who are adept of their skills and expertise. They want practitioners who went through extensive education, are knowledgeable about the human body, and have years of experience. If you’re looking for those qualities, the Atlas chiropractic clinic is a great choice.

Chiropractors From Atlas Are Interested in Holistic Health

A chiropractor’s goal is to heal one’s body from the inside out. He restores your health using natural and tender methods that would eventually relieve you from pain. They don’t mask your symptoms. If you want to experience natural healing through gentle approach, see your Atlas chiropractor now.

Atlas Chiropractors Want You Well

The Atlas chiropractor understands that each patient’s case might be different from another. With proper diagnosis, he knows what treatment could be effective for certain types of patients. He admits that when a treatment doesn’t work, he could come up with another plan to get the desired result because he wants you to be well and lead a healthy life in such a short time as possible. With a listening ear, passion for bringing healing, and a positive reputation, Atlas chiropractors are the best people to go to.


Jaireu Paolo Francisco

The greatest chiropractor ever! I will always be his fan!

Bok Austria

Doc Jon helped me so much with my wellness and fixing my subluxation, feeling so much better after each session. Thank you!

Jerome Sartorio

Service is excellent. Really help my tension headaches. Haven’t felt this relieve in months. Highly recommended!